Our Story

Four Decades of Experience and Service

Here at JaySan Gas Service, our family history in the propane industry proves our commitment to serving our local community with the highest standard of quality home comfort service. The story of JaySan Gas begins before our founding in 1976 with another propane company, Freetown Gas and Appliance.

Freetown Gas and Appliance was established in 1959 by Sandy Plissey’s parents, Velma and Keene Dunham.  In 1964, Jay Plissey began his propane career working for his in-laws. After 15 years in the business, Freetown Gas and Appliance relinquished their franchise to Petrolane™.  In 1976, seeing the need for another local propane provider in the area, Jay and Sandy set out to form JaySan Gas Service. In the early days of business, Jay and Sandy worked hard knocking on doors and relying on the recommendation of friends and family to grow the company.

Since 1976, JaySan Gas developed into a full-scale propane company with a fleet of four delivery trucks, three service trucks, and a tractor-trailer to haul propane into our storage facility. As a full-service propane provider, we offer complete propane equipment installation and service, excavation for underground tanks and lines, limited appliance sales, natural gas and light plumbing work, and rehab (blasting, repainting, and requalifying) of propane tanks.


While our business has expanded on pace with the growing propane industry, we still uphold the same level of prompt, consistent, and friendly customer service established back in 1959. Contact us to learn more about how you can enjoy the benefits of a JaySan Gas customer!



Freetown Gas & Appliance Co

Four Decades of Experience and Service