Propane Stoves & Dryers

Year-Round Appliances

When it comes to home comfort, propane gas is one of the most depended upon fuels for customers across the country. Its reputation for versatility, fair pricing, and safe operation are just a few of the many reasons why so many homeowners and business owners throughout Southeastern Massachusetts choose it for home and water heating. The good news is that its uses don’t stop there! JaySan Gas Service delivers propane fuel to power day-to-day appliances like cooking stoves and clothes dryers, too!

Propane Cooking Range

Homeowner surveys show that most people prefer to cook with gas. Aside from the benefits of controlling the flame for the perfect steak sear, propane cooking comes with the other perks of choosing propane: efficiency, convenience, and savings.

  • Propane burners respond instantly, heating up pots and pans quickly and evenly with easy heat adjustment.
  • Pilot lights have been replaced by automatic spark igniters on almost all propane ranges. This improves safety and functionality.
  • Compared to electric stove tops and ovens, propane appliances are more cost-effective.

Gas Clothes Dryers

Day in and day out, laundry is a regular chore that adds to the energy costs of homeowners. Propane-powered clothes dryers are an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution to electric alternatives.

  • Gas-fired clothes dryers can save up to 20% on energy costs compared to electric dryers.
  • Advanced technology like spinning capacities and moisture sensors work together to dry clothes faster with less wrinkles.
  • High-efficiency operation lowers carbon emissions and energy bills.

At JaySan Gas Service we are proud to offer our customers reliable propane delivery, limited appliance sales, and repair services. Contact us today!




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