Heating Solutions

Residential and Commercial Heating Solutions

Homeowners and business owners rely on propane year after year for affordable, safe, and efficient heating. As a full-service propane provider, JaySan Gas Service is proud to offer customers professional heating equipment sales, installation, and maintenance. Our customers take advantage of prompt propane delivery and equipment support from one convenient source, committed to delivering fast and friendly service.

Residential Heating

Customers that keep warm with propane enjoy added benefits like reduced energy costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions. High-efficiency propane boilers can be configured as central or zone, forced air or radiant floor, to suit your home’s unique functionality requirements. JaySan Gas also offers propane-powered space heaters for supplemental heating.

Condensing Boiler

Furnace Vent

Rinnai Gas Condensing Boilers

  • Minimal space requirements
  • One of the highest AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) ratings in the country
  • Maximized efficiency, minimal heat wasted


Rinnai Direct Vent Wall Furnace

  • Clean installation, no ductwork required
  • Consistent heating reduces cold spots
  • Energy-saving technology lowers fuel costs

Temporary Propane Heat

Propane is a versatile fuel that heats where you need it, when you need it.  If you need heat for a temporary structure, such as a construction project, JaySan Gas can provide a solution that meets your needs.

Commercial/Garage Heating

Whether you’re seeking a heating solution for your commercial warehouse or residential garage space, JaySan Gas has you covered. Suspended propane space heaters are sized and installed by our experienced service staff to effectively keep the chill out of your workspace all year long.


Modine Hot Dawg Power Vented Heater

  • Six available sizes to suit a range of workspace areas
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Lightweight ceiling installation, no floor space required

How are you keeping your family warm next heating season? Contact us today to learn more or request service.