Payment Options

Managing Your Fuel Bills Is Easier than Ever

Our goal is to provide consistent, timely, and caring service to our customers with a small business approach to meet your needs. That is why JaySan Gas Service offers our propane customers a variety of payment options including our online payment center, automatic credit/debit card billing, budget payment program, payment at our office location, and mail.

Prompt Pay Discount

A prompt pay discount of .05 cents off per gallon is available on propane fuel deliveries paid within 10 days of delivery.

Level Budget Payment Plan

Customers that sign up for our Level Budget Payment Plan take advantage of billing consistency all year long. Instead of high bills during the winter and low bills in the summer, annual fuel costs are calculated and spread out into even monthly payments. The budget payment program is based on an 11-month period, from July 1 to May 31.

How It Works

  • Your annual budget is calculated by multiplying the average gallons used in a season (using three years of usage history, if available) by the average price per gallon to estimate the future season cost total.
  • 11 level monthly payments.
  • Budgets are recalculated between February and March to make sure they are still on track with current market rates and usage. If winter is warmer than expected, the budget may be reduced.

The Benefits

  • Predictable fuel payments
  • Convenient online payment options
  • Reliable fuel delivery

To sign up for a fuel budget payment plan contact us today! To learn more about online payment options or to pay your bill, visit your account here.


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