Propane Safety

Additional Safety Tips

Snow Removal and Delivery Access
Winter weather is unpredictable and can coincide with deliveries. Please do your best to clear driveways following inclement weather to allow safe tank access. Ice and snow can cause overhanging branches to droop into driveways, making it difficult to pass. To avoid damage to these plants and to allow access, please keep a clear path to your tank maintained. Remember that our delivery vehicles are much larger than an average passenger vehicle – they need more space.

Year-Round Tank Access
Please help protect our drivers! In the spring and summer, several hazards appear that deter access to propane tanks. We kindly ask that you trim back rose bushes and other vegetation from within three feet of the tank. This will help ensure uninterrupted and safe access for deliveries. Please monitor the area and spray for bees and stinging insects. We appreciate your proactive efforts to keep our drivers safe!

Surrounding Appliances
Air conditioners, combustibles, and sources of ignition are required to maintain a minimum distance of 10 feet from the propane tank at all times!

For more propane safety information, please review this Propane Safety Brochure or feel free to contact us!