Mini-Split Installation and Repair

Professional Mini-Split Installation in East Freetown and Surrounding Areas

Two girls playing with water squirters in front of a tree and their family's propane tank from JaySan Gas.

Get cool this summer with a mini-split installation.

When you were a kid, nothing was more refreshing than a cool sip from the garden hose or a blast from your neighbor’s Super Soaker.

But now?

You want cool, clean, comfortable air in your home. You need the convenience and efficiency of air conditioning. We can help.

Contact JaySan today and find out how you can make your home a refreshing oasis this summer!

Improved Air Quality

Many mini-split systems include air filtration. Better air quality means better breathing. Clean air can aid in reducing the symptoms of respiratory issues such as asthma. Find out which mini-split system is right for you by calling our office today!

Versatile and Efficient

Mini-Split systems are perfect in older homes and additions. Because they need no ductwork, they are simple to install. At the same time, they are efficient and meet your cooling and heating needs. Reclaim and enjoy your space in cool, clean air!


Heat and humidity can be uncomfortable. Because stifling heat can cause irritability, nausea, and fatigue, it can be impossible to get a good night’s sleep. A mini-split installation makes comfort possible with cool, clean air. Sleep better tonight!

Fujitsu Halcyon Mini-Split Installation

At JaySan Gas, we proudly install Fujitsu Halcyon Mini-Splits. These efficient units provide cooling when its warm outside and heat when it is cool outside. Halcyon Mini-Splits are the perfect solution for older homes without existing ductwork. Building an addition? Choose a wall-mounted mini-split for year-round comfort.

Many mini-split units are eligible for rebates from your local utility company. Check with your company or click here to find out which products are eligible.