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JaySan Gas Service is proud to be a family-owned propane supplier serving SouthCoast Massachusetts.  Your safety is our priority; please make sure you read the safety brochure enclosed with your newsletter.

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The Electrical Grid Can’t Handle the Pressure:  Propane Can Help

Electric cars, electric stoves, heat pumps…is the current electrical grid ready to handle increased demand?  Experts believe demand could increase by more than 80% by 2050.

No.  It’s not.  And many experts have confirmed that a “one energy approach” isn’t feasible.  Environmentalists envision a world where electricity generation has no impact on our carbon footprint. But currently, electricity production makes up about a third of total greenhouse gas emissions.

Proponents of a carbon-less world have lofty expectations of electric vehicles and appliances.  The assumption is that electric products would reduce the need for fossil fuels.   

Due to its versatility and clean-burning characteristics, propane is a game changer on the path to net zero carbon emissions. For one, propane does not emit methane gas.  Methane gas is often cited as a reason to eliminate fossil fuels from consumer use.  Additionally, propane appliances deliver more heat than their natural gas counterparts per BTU, making it an efficent choice.

There is no single approach that will solve the climate problem.  The process to produce electricity in Massachusetts does not lead to a carbonless world. 

The Limitations of Renewable Energy Production

Consider how energy is typically produced.  First, fuel is extracted from the earth in the form of coal, oil, or natural gas.  This fuel is used to create heat by mixing air and an ignition source.  Once heat is generated, it creates a significant amount of energy.  The heat is used to raise the temperature of water or a transfer fluid to generate steam.  Steam then turns powerful turbines connected to a generator.  With the help of coil wire and magnets, electricity is finally generated.

Wind, geothermal, and solar energy can power the turbines and generate electricity, but those elements have limitations.  Infrastructure would need a major upgrade to use these fuels–at the expense of end users.  Not only would a financial expense incur, but the environment would suffer as well.  According to Vox.com, there aren’t enough high-voltage power lines from the midwest, where wind and solar are abundant, to transport throughout the regions.

The proposed solution is to build more power lines, but power lines can’t touch anything else.  Land is finite.  Trees would be destroyed and residents risk losing their land to eminent domain.  We can’t ship or store the wind for later use.  In areas where these energy sources are abundant, it can be beneficial to the environment to use them.  But in a world where almost one billion people don’t have access to electricity, we need a solution that provides energy for everyone.

Propane is Versatile

As a propane user, you’re already aware of the reliability and efficiency of propane.  You use it to warm up your home, heat up water for a hot shower, cook dinner out on the grill or in your kitchen, dry your clothes, generate electricity during a storm, or create ambience in a room with a hearth product.  There are significant benefits to using propane. Propane remains a crucial part of the energy landscape.

Benefits of Propane

Propane storage is much more cost-effective than expensive lithium-ion batteries. Propane tanks can be repurposed or recycled at the end of their life.  Lithium-ion batteries are costly to dispose of and can present risks to the environment and human health.  There have also been reports of lithium batteries catching fire while charging.

Because propane is bottled and used at the source, storage and transport does not require large-scale power plants or high-voltage power lines.  The propane you use in your home is stored locally and delivered by your local propane retailer.  Propane can be delivered to places where electricity is otherwise unavailable, such as cottages or remote living quarters.

Not only is propane versatile and convenient; it is renewable.  Renewable propane is already available and in use.  Thanks to incentives in California, renewable is being used to power truck fleets.  With a chemical composition identical to conventional propane and the ability to produce renewable propane without natural gas refinement, the possibilities are endless.  Renewable propane boasts a carbon intensity score as low as 7, lower than electrical production in 49 states.  With renewable propane, you don’t have to sacrifice the warmth, convenience, and versatility of gas fired appliances for electric ones.

Propane is the Solution

Comfort, reliability, and sustainability are important to us all.  Propane Education and Research Council President Tucker Perkins sums it up well, “There is no perfect solution on this path to net zero, and it shouldn’t matter how large or small the solution is.  What matters is that we are taking incremental steps to reduce our carbon footprint.”  If forced to give up on the way of life we already know, while trying to mitigate increasing costs of living, energy consumers of the world will resist change.  Propane is a clean fuel that will help pave the path to net zero.


Why You Need a Level Pay Plan

A level-pay plan is the smartest way to budget your propane costs throughout the year.

Propane bills can get difficult to manage in the biting winter cold.  But we can help.  JaySan Gas offers an 11-month budget plan that spreads your average annual propane bill out over the entire year (with a little wiggle room for adjustments).  A budget plan is ideal for customers who use very little propane in the spring and summer months but see a sharp increase in usage during the fall and winter.  

Budget plans are predictable and easy to set up.  You need a level pay plan so you know exactly what you’re paying each month.  Avoid the stress of an unpredicted bill at exactly the wrong time!

Call our office now for more information or to set up your budget plan!

More Convenient Payment Options

JaySan Gas also offers convenient Online Bill Pay.  Online Bill Pay is a safe, secure way to pay for your propane without a trip to the post office.  Pay your bill online anytime, anywhere.

Auto-Pay can be set up on your account to automatically pay for your propane when you get a delivery.  Find out more about our convenient payment options by calling our team at 508-763-2729.

Get Ready for Winter in 5 Easy Steps

With winter and heaps of the white stuff approaching, it’s a good idea to take action to keep your propane tank easy to spot and accessible.  Follow these steps to ensure safety and reliability all season long.

1. Mark out your tank with a flag, pole, or stake that is higher than your area’s average snowfall.  This will keep the tank visible to plows and your propane supplier.

2. Make sure you have enough propane in your tank ahead of a storm.  Tank Monitoring is the easiest and most convenient way to keep track of your propane in-between deliveries.  Ask our team for more information!

3. Know how to turn off the tank and indoor propane appliances.  Be able to recognize the smell of propane odorant.  If you smell propane, call JaySan.

4. Install a carbon monoxide detector with the Underwriter’s Label (UL).  For additional peace of mind, you can install a propane gas detector.  Contact JaySan for more information!

5. Create an emergency preparedness plan with your family.  Make sure all able members of your household know how to turn off propane, electricity, and water in the event of an emergency.  Keep a list of emergency contacts in a conspicuous place.

Visit www.jaysangas.com/winter for a brief video with more safety information!

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The perfect pizza needs to be cooked at a temperature of 500° or higher.  While most conventional ovens will reach those temperatures, nothing beats the experience of cooking an authentic pizza in a real pizza oven!

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