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JaySan Gas Service is proud to be a family-owned propane supplier serving SouthCoast Massachusetts.  Your safety is our priority; please make sure you read the safety brochure enclosed with your newsletter.

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Propane:  The Future is Now

New England winters are unlike any other.  With unpredictable weather patterns, you need a fuel that is reliable and efficient.

Fortunately, you are a propane customer. 

The conversation around energy vilifies fossil fuels.  And too often, propane is mixed into the conversation despite being a clean burning fuel with a low carbon intensity.  Political figures promise that electricity is the future and the solution to the domestic energy crisis.  The future is already here: so is propane. 

Propane customers are smart.  You have chosen a fuel that is both reliable and eco-friendly – and available today.  The United States is the world’s greatest producer of propane gas which can be bottled and delivered to customers via rail, highway, or sea.  Because propane is stored at your home and ready for use, you don’t have to worry about the fragile electrical grid that can’t keep up. 

That’s just the start.  Propane is the choice of over 7,000 customers in Bristol County for home heating.  Thousands more depend on propane for household appliances such as hot water heaters and generators.  And there is good reason:

  • Renewable propane isn’t a thing of the future, it’s here now.  While propane is a by-product of natural gas processing, engineers have been successful in creating renewable propane using agricultural by-products, animal fat, and cooking oils.  Propane is here to stay.
  • Using propane found and sourced in the United States means that you can be confident in propane supply.  When an unexpected storm hits, you will be ready for anything because you have a tank of propane at your home ready to go.
  • Propane is the energy that works hard for you.  Electric heat pumps can “freeze up” right when you need them, but propane heaters deliver consistent heat.  No matter how cold or harsh the winter weather gets (or how scorching the summer can be), your propane heat and appliances will be reliable. 

Propane offers a reliable and affordable solution to costly electrical grid infrastructure, electrical appliance conversions, and unpredictable weather conditions.  As a propane customer, you are making a difference in the conversation about the future of energy.  Find out more about the future of propane at www.propane.com/now

Why You Need a Level Pay Plan

A level-pay plan is the smartest way to budget your propane costs throughout the year.

Propane bills can get difficult to manage in the biting winter cold.  But we can help.  JaySan Gas offers an 11-month budget plan that spreads your average annual propane bill out over the entire year (with a little wiggle room for adjustments).  A budget plan is ideal for customers who use very little propane in the spring and summer months but see a sharp increase in usage during the fall and winter.  

Budget plans are predictable and easy to set up.  You need a level pay plan so you know exactly what you’re paying each month.  Avoid the stress of an unpredicted bill at exactly the wrong time!

Call our office now for more information or to set up your budget plan!

More Convenient Payment Options

JaySan Gas also offers convenient Online Bill Pay.  Online Bill Pay is a safe, secure way to pay for your propane without a trip to the post office.  Pay your bill online anytime, anywhere.

Auto-Pay can be set up on your account to automatically pay for your propane when you get a delivery.  Find out more about our convenient payment options by calling our team at 508-763-2729.

Get Ready for Winter in 5 Easy Steps

With winter and heaps of the white stuff approaching, it’s a good idea to take action to keep your propane tank easy to spot and accessible.  Follow these steps to ensure safety and reliability all season long.

1. Mark out your tank with a flag, pole, or stake that is higher than your area’s average snowfall.  This will keep the tank visible to plows and your propane supplier.

2. Make sure you have enough propane in your tank ahead of a storm.  Tank Monitoring is the easiest and most convenient way to keep track of your propane in-between deliveries.  Ask our team for more information!

3. Know how to turn off the tank and indoor propane appliances.  Be able to recognize the smell of propane odorant.  If you smell propane, call JaySan.

4. Install a carbon monoxide detector with the Underwriter’s Label (UL).  For additional peace of mind, you can install a propane gas detector.  Contact JaySan for more information!

5. Create an emergency preparedness plan with your family.  Make sure all able members of your household know how to turn off propane, electricity, and water in the event of an emergency.  Keep a list of emergency contacts in a conspicuous place.

Visit www.jaysangas.com/winter for a brief video with more safety information!

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