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JaySan Gas Service is proud to be a family-owned propane supplier serving SouthCoast Massachusetts.  Your safety is our priority; please make sure you read the safety brochure enclosed with your newsletter.

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Propane Gets a New Look

The propane industry has a fresh new look!  This past summer, the National Propane Gas Association rolled out a new brand:  Energy for Everyone.  This new rebrand highlights the many advantages of using propane, as well as how the industry is working together with renewable energy sources to improve energy equity for all.

Did you know…

  • Using propane is an excellent way to reduce emissions?
  • Propane equipment generally lasts longer than its electric counterparts, meaning less waste in landfills?
  • Propane storage and delivery is affordable and efficient, and does not require expensive infrastructure to burden those who cannot afford it?
  • Propane is environmentally friendly?
  • You can use propane for more than just heat?

In the last year, the conversation around energy has changed drastically—and those concerns aren’t going away.  At JaySan, we seek to continue learning and improving our efficiency to make sure that propane truly is Energy for Everyone.

Propane: Energy for Everyone Logo

The NPGA has rolled out a fresh new look for the propane industry that highlights the valuable environmental resources protected by clean burning propane gas.


Get Your Gas Fireplace Ready for Making Memories

Creating memories around the fire is as easy as flipping a switch when you have a gas fireplace.  While one major benefit of a gas fireplace is the low-effort operation, it is beneficial to have your fireplace inspected by a trained technician annually.  Our service technicians will complete a thorough inspection of your propane fireplace to make sure that you are warm, cozy, and safe all season long!

There are a few things that you can do at home to make sure that your fireplace is in tip-top shape. 

First, make sure there are no cracks around the glass or exterior.  You can clean the glass with a damp rag or a small amount of cooktop cleaner.  Be sure to give the surface at least 30 minutes to dry to ensure no chemicals from cleaners are burned off. 

Second, use the wand attachment on your vacuum to clean out any debris from the interior of your fireplace.  Although your propane fireplace burns clean, dust, pet hair, and debris from the ceramic logs can settle in the fireplace.  Keeping the fireplace free of debris will make sure your fireplace is running efficiently. 

Third, check all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are in proper working order.  When you check these detectors, make sure the batteries in your remote fireplace starter are working as well, in case you need to shut down your unit quickly.  These simple tasks will help keep your propane powered fireplace running smoothly and efficiently.

Looking for more peace of mind and professional service?  It’s easy to schedule your fireplace maintenance at JaySan Gas!  Give our office a call at (508) 763-2729 to speak with one of our customer service representatives to schedule your annual fireplace maintenance.  

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