Propane is Here Now

Propane is the fuel of the future — and the future is here now. Renewable propane is just one solution to the strain on the electrical grid.

Propane is a clean-burning fuel that is reliable and efficient. The Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) leads the way in exploring and developing innovative propane technology. Renewable energy is desirable (and necessary) to protect our planet and our resources. One of the loudest voices in the environmental conversation today is electricity.

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The Vulnerable Electrical Grid

While the electrical grid powers millions of American homes, many people may not realize that the electrical grid is threatened by extreme weather and is vulnerable to cyberattacks.1 Additionally, the electrical grid is not as green as people think: over 60% of power plants are powered by fossil fuels or coal.2. The effort to “electrify everything” and create a sufficient electrical grid would have serious consequences for your wallet. First, a 2020 report from Reuters estimates that it would cost over $2 trillion dollars to “overhaul […] America’s antiquated electric infrastructure.”

The Solution is Propane

PERC has worked with researchers and developers to pioneer renewable propane from discarded cooking oils and refuse. Additionally, the council has worked with local transportation agencies to reduce fleet emissions by using propane-powered engines. Propane is the solution to reducing harmful greenhouse gasses released by diesel, coal, and oil use. The possibilities for propane are endless!

Check out the video from PERC to see how propane is the solution for reducing emissions (and protecting your wallet!)


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